5 Common Gardening Problems And a Few Tips

As much as home gardening is bliss, you will encounter several bouts of frustration. The harvest you had been waiting for long gets a pest encounter rendering it useless, or the seeds you sowed last month are just not sprouting. There are various gardening problems that sometimes make you feel defeated.

However, don't give up, all hope is not lost. These problems are often to common, and with experience and practice, you will overcome them. The next time you pull out fresh spinach leaves from your home garden or walk through the scented flowers you planted you will not even remember these minor gardening problems you encountered.

1. Weeds
Weeds are the most infuriating problem for gardeners. You wake up one day to find so many small, green weeds sprouting in your lawn. These weeds compete with your actual plants and rob them of their nutrients. Therefore, it is crucial that you clean the weeds as soon as you see them.

One way to go about this would be to apply a layer of mulch on your ground. This reduces the chances of weeds growth. Furthermore, you should make it a ritual to pull out any weed you notice. This way they do not get the time to spread anymore. The most common weed species you would encounter are wiregrass, wild onions, and crabgrass.

2. Overwatering
Excessiveness of anything is bad, but with plants excessive watering becomes destructive. It weakens the roots, starves the plant of essential nutrients, and reduces the ability to absorb minerals such as nitrogen, and phosphorus.watering

Hence, you should never water your plants if you see the soil wet. And when you do, make sure it is not soggy. During winters, decrease the watering even more.

3. Garden Pests
Garden pests and insects are the worst. You grow your plants with so much care and some insect nibbles the leaf or damages the root. The usual pests that you would encounter are Aphids, beetles, and slugs. These pests feed on the leaves and juices which weakens the support skeleton.The best solution for this problem would be to make a barrier of thorns, and big leaves away from your garden so the pests do not reach your plants. You can also handpick the insects, or remove them through a water stream from the plants whenever you see them.

4. Plant Diseases
If you have ever seen a diseased plant, you would know how gross it looks. Diseases destroy the whole harvest, including the plant. Most of the time you cannot save the plant, but you can learn from experience and save your future plants.

The commonly prevailing plant diseases are black spots, powdery mildew, and blossom end rot. To prevent and overcome such diseases plant in a sunny location, and keep track of the watering, and keep a mild fungicide with you.

5. Lack Of Soil Prep
Good soil preparation before planting ensures healthy and strong plants. Without adequate prep, your plants are at risk of damage due to insufficient support and nutrient absorption. There is a whole process that goes into this.

First, you need to spade your soil thoroughly to loosen it up. Remove any unwanted weed or dead plant. Add a layer of fertilizer and compost, and mix it with the soil. Sprinkle some water to moisten the surface, and your soil is prepped.

To Sum Things Up: Gardening is a therapeutic hobby, but it comes with some gardening issues. However, there is nothing to worry about. The problems mentioned above are the most common, and with determination and practice, you can combat them easily. Happy gardening! Stories