Why do home-grown carrots get deformed

Not only are deformed carrots caused by poor soil, but they may also be caused by root knot nematodes or a disease called Phytoplasma aster.

Since the carrot is the plant's main root, the vegetable is twisted and deformed by these nodules. Carrots are a root vegetable with a long-pointed edible root that is distinctive.

A number of problems may cause deformed carrots and they may be forked, bumpy, or otherwise malformed. Although the core can become woody and slightly bitter, these carrots are typically edible. In reality, many of the baby carrots you buy as snacks are just deformed carrots that are whittled down.

It could be cultural, insect, or even disease based when you find carrots forked and deformed. Learn what causes these carrot deformities and what simple steps can be taken for safe, sweet vegetables.

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