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Squash, Scallop, Yellow Bush Patty Pan

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Very productive bush plants produce deeply scalloped, fine textured, pale green, 7" diameter x 3" deep squash that turns a sunny yellow as they mature.

They're flavor is a Mild, sweet, similar to zucchini but a tiny bit sweeter. Pattypan squash tastes best when young and small, if you let them grow too big they'll taste more like a potato.

  • Days to Maturity - 45-50 Days
  • Type - Winter Squash
  • Botanical Name – Cucurbirta pepo
  • Zone – 3-9
  • Fruit Color - Green to Yellow
  • Plant Type - Bush
  • Summer/Winter - Summer
  • Sow Method - Direct Sow or Transplant
  • Sow Depth 1 inch
  • Plant Spacing - 24 inches
  • Row Spacing - 2 Feet
  • Sunlight - Full Sun
  • Breed - Open Pollinated
  • Germination Days 7-10
  • Germination Rate - 90%
  • Lifecycle - Annual
  • Watering - 1 inch per week
  • Approx. 12 Seeds Per Gram
  • Squash Growing Guide
  • Companion Planting Guide

CLASSIFICATION:  Open Pollinated, Heirloom, Non-Gmo, Annual

Open pollinated means this plants flowers are fertilized by bees, moths, birds, bats, and even the wind or rain. The seed that forms produces the same plant the following year. 

All heirlooms are open pollinated, but not all open pollinated plants are heirlooms. Only a small fraction of the plant world is considered heirloom. This variety has a history of being passed down within communities and families as early as the 1700's, similar to the generational sharing of items like jewelry or furniture.

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